The Proper Use of Spa Covers to Help Save Energy and Water for All Year Use

If you want to save energy when using a hot tub, proper use of the cover is important. It can help stop thermal energy loss and reduce the evaporation of water. Therefore, you may want to know more about the different choices of covers and how to use them properly. The following spa cover information will help prevent energy and water loss if you use your hot tub all year:

Easy-to-Use Automated Covers

Today, there are different types of spa covers that can be installed on your hot tub. These covers can be manual, or they can be automated systems that open with a push of a button. There are many benefits to using the automated covers for your spa, including:

  • Easy push-button system to open the spa
  • Partially cover the spa in winter
  • Tightly seals the spa to prevent vapor and heat loss 

An automated cover will help ensure your spa stays protected and make it easier to use.

Choose Quality Covers with Vapor Barriers

There are also different designs of spa covers, and you want to ensure your purchase is well insulated. In addition to the insulation, the cover needs to have a sealed vapor barrier. This is the plastic-like seal on the bottom of the cover the protects the foam insulation. The vapor barrier prevents the insulation from getting wet, which reduces the insulating value. This is because the wet foam does not have the air bubbles that provide the thermal barrier to keep the heat in the spa.

Locking Covers to Ensure the Spa Is Protected

Another option to consider for your spa is a locking cover, which will prevent the spa from being left open. This ensures the cover has a tight fit to keep the heat and vapors inside the unit. It will also help prevent people from using your spa without permission. If you are not worried about a lock, you can also choose something with a simple latch that will help seal the cover down to the spa to prevent energy loss.

Additional Improvements to Reduce Energy Loss

There are other improvements to consider to reduce energy loss. Start by repairing leaks that can damage the spa insulation. You can also add insulation to the skirt around the spa to reduce energy loss. If any of the foam insulation is wet, you want to replace it because it is not going to insulate the spa as needed. This is because the wet foam does not have the air bubbles that help provide the thermal barrier to stop heat loss.

If you want your spa to be more efficient, installing the right cover is important. Contact a hot tub cover service to have the right one installed to reduce the costs of using your hot tub all year.

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