An Overview Of Getting A New Swimming Pool Liner Installed

If you're careful with your pool liner and maintain it properly, it can last for several years. At some point, however, it will wear out or rip and need to be replaced. The process for a swimming pool liner replacement is complex, and the job may take a few days. Here are some things to discuss with the contractor and a look at how a pool liner is replaced.

Things To Discuss With Your Pool Company

One important step in getting a new liner is emptying your pool. You might be allowed to drain the water in the street or in your yard, but your pool company might be able to save the water so you can reuse it. This conserves water and also avoids problems with flooding the groundwater underneath your pool.

Another thing to discuss is the type of new liner to buy. First, the installer measures your pool to determine the size of the new liner. Then you can choose from a variety of colors and patterns to give your pool a new look. Also, ask about quality. A thick liner costs more, but the thickness makes the liner more durable, so it could last longer and need fewer repairs.

Another consideration the installation contractor may have is the weather. The weather should be dry and in an ideal temperature range for installing a vinyl liner. If the weather is too hot, the vinyl can stretch too much. It's harder to get wrinkles out of the liner if the temperature conditions aren't right. Since the contractor may need a few days in a row of good weather, that could affect the installation date.

Preparations Are Needed For The New Liner

Once the pool has been drained completely, the old vinyl liner has to be cut out so it can be handled easily. The contractor can collect the rolls of old liner and haul them away so you don't have to deal with them. With the liner out of the way, the pool contractor can check the pool for any damage that needs to be repaired.

One thing that has to be done is to smooth out the floor of the pool. The contractor might need to add more sand to the floor, tamp it down, and level it out. Too much sand can affect the way the liner fits, so only enough is added and smoothed around to get rid of wavy lines and depressions.

A Crew Is Needed To Install The Liner

It takes multiple people to install a swimming pool liner. A liner is all one piece, so it's heavy and difficult to maneuver. The liner has to be lined up properly first so the part for the steps and deep end are oriented properly. The liner is then stretched out and locked in at the corners. After that, the crew walks around the pool and locks the edges of the liner in the track.

The steps for a swimming pool liner replacement sound easy, but the work can be difficult. It's important to get rid of wrinkles and have the liner installed perfectly so it looks attractive when your pool is filled with water. Contact a company that offers swimming pool liner replacement services to learn more.

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