Why A Tapered Hot Tub Cover Is Ideal

There are lots of details to think about when you shop for a new hot tub cover. While the cover's insulative quality is important, so is its appearance so that it will match your hot tub. Another thing that you'll want to consider is the shape of the cover's top. You'll find some hot tub covers that are horizontal across the top, while others that taper gently down to the sides. Here are some reasons that a tapered hot tub cover can be an ideal choice for you.

Less Weight On The Cover

Even though hot tub covers are made from durable materials, you don't want there to be unnecessary weight on the surface of your cover. If you live in a climate that gets a lot of snow over the winter and your hot tub is exposed to the sky, you can expect that snow will land on it. A tapered cover will allow the snow to slide off, where it will accumulate on the ground around the hot tub and be easy to remove with a shovel. A flat cover, meanwhile, would allow the snow to gather. This could result in a significant amount of weight resting on the cover, which could eventually cause damage.

No Debris On The Cover

Even if there's no risk of damage to the cover, you don't want debris accumulating on it. For example, a heavy wind in the fall can cause a lot of leaves to fall off the trees in your yard, and some of them will end up on your hot tub cover. Most of the leaves will eventually slide off a tapered cover, while this may not happen with a flat cover. The result would be that you'd need to take a moment to wipe all the leaves off the cover before removing it to use the hot tub.

Less Risk Of Water Getting In

A flat cover can hold water after it rains. While the water will eventually evaporate, this may take a long time if you live in a humid climate. When your hot tub cover has standing water on it, some of this water will often run off into the hot tub when you remove the cover prior to use. Cold water dripping into the hot tub water will lower its temperature slightly, which isn't ideal when you're paying to keep the water temperature high. You won't have any standing water on a tapered cover, which will allow you to remove it without any water running into the hot tub.

For more information on hot tub covers, contact a hot tub service in your area. 

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